Fusing Furnaces with Movable Table
Fusing Furnaces with Movable Table
Fusing Furnaces with Movable Table
Fusing Furnaces with Movable Table
Fusing Furnaces with Movable Table
Fusing Furnaces with Movable Table


Fusing Furnaces with Movable Table

Fusing furnaces in the “GFM” series were developed for special production requirements. The GFM series combines the impressive quality benefits of the GF series with the option of charging the table outside the furnace. The table runs on swivel castors and can thus be moved freely. 

The scope of delivery includes a flat table for fusing work; additional tables can be added. An interchangeable table system is especially economical, as one table can be charged while the other is in the furnace. Instead of flat tables, different tables with different heights can be used if the furnace is to be used for higher components, for example. 

  • Tmax 950 °C
  • Heating element, protected in quartz tubes
  • High current connection capacities for short warm-up times and energy-saving way of working
  • Arranged closely beside each other on the top, heating elements ensure direct and uniform radiation of the glass
  • Infrared heated in hood which is attached to stand
  • Dual shell hood made of stainless steel with slotted cover lid
  • Scope of delivery includes a table
  • Table on wheels, freely movable
  • Controller integrated to save space on the right side of the furnace
  • Level table surface with insulation made of robust lightweight refractory bricks and marked charge surface
  • Top hat insulated with high-quality fiber material; exclusive use of insulation materials without categorization according to EC Regulation No 1272/2008 (CLP). This explicitly means that alumino silicate wool, also known as “refractory ceramic fiber” (RCF), which is classified and possibly carcinogenic, is not used.
  • Adjustable, large quick-release fasteners - can be used while working in gloves
  • Handles on the left and right side of the hood for opening and closing the furnace
  • Hood safety switch
  • Solid state relays provide for low-noise operation
  • Type K thermocouple
  • Hood easy to open and close, supported by compressed-gas springs
  • Lockable air inlet opening for ventilation, fast cooling and observation of charge
  • Comfortable charging height of 860 mm
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • NTLog for Nabertherm Controller: Recording of process data with USB-flash drive
  • Controller C540 (10 programs with each 20 segments)
Additional Equipment
  • Motorized lid opening for faster cooling for models GFM 420 up
  • Bottom heating for uniform through heating of large objects
  • Cooling fan for accelerated cooling with closed lid
  • Tables for expansion of the furnace system; Interchangeable table system to use the residual heat of the furnace and to reduce cycle times by changing table in warm state
  • Table designed as a basin
  • Motorized exhaust air flap for faster cooling of the fusing furnace
  • Air inlet flap with window for observing the glass
  • Process control and documentation via VCD software package for monitoring, documentation and control
Model Tmax Inner dimensions in mm Floor space Outer dimensions2 in mm Heating power Electrical Weight
  °C w d h in m2 W D H in kW1 connection in kg
GFM 420 950 1660 950 400 1.57 2230 1390 1460 18 3-phase 620
GFM 520 950 1210 1160 400 1.40 1780 1600 1460 15 3-phase 670
GFM 600 950 2010 1010 400 2.03 2580 1450 1460 22 3-phase 730
GFM 920 950 2110 1160 400 2.44 2680 1600 1460 26 3-phase 990
GFM 1050 950 2310 1210 400 2.79 2880 1650 1460 32 3-phase 1190
GFM 1425 950 2510 1510 400 3.79 3080 1950 1460 32 3-phase 1390
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher
2External dimensions vary when furnace is equipped with additional equipment. Dimensions on request.


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