Grill Tech Sdn Bhd

Grille Tech Sdn Bhd is a well-established metal and plastic perforating manufacturer. With ongoing expanded modern facilities, professional and experienced R&D teams, Grille Tech involved in providing end to end solutions like designing, engineering and production of finished products. They supply metal and plastic perforated materials to many prominent customers in those industries such as LCD TV, Plasma TV, Speaker unit, mobile phone, automotive and others. Their products are suitable for all types of surface finishing (ED coating, spraying, anodizing, and painting). The company is committed to provide their customers with highest quality and responsive services. In order to maintain the excellent control on the products quality, they conducted various types of testing. One of the test performed was salt spray corrosion test. The metal products with surface finishing of coating will be exposed to salt fog during test. This test is to check the endurance of coated metal surface finishing against corrosion.Grille Tech was awarded an important new project with BOSCH, a German Multinational Engineering and Electronics Company Headquartered in Germany. BOSCH has high requirement on product quality, one of the test needed to perform was Cyclic Salt Spray Corrosion Test (which involved cycle of salt spray test, drying test and wetting test). The company already conducting salt spray test on their surface finishing products but there was limitation on the existing salt spray machine, which was operating on a basic salt spray test, not able to perform drying test and wetting test. In order to fulfil the Cyclic Salt Spray Test requirement by BOSCH, Grill Tech will have to source for a new advanced salt spray machine that can perform Cyclic Test. The engineers start sourcing for numerous suppliers for their assistance in finding out solution. However, majority of others machine makers unable to fulfil Cyclic Test requirement. While, there was one European system that can fulfil the salt spray Cyclic test requirement but with very high cost and it was out of the budget.Grill Tech’s engineers came to know MERIDIAN in an exhibition we participated. MERIDIAN’s Product Specialist had a meeting with their engineers and has detailed study on their cyclic salt spray test profile. Our teams come out with suitable proposal to them. After further study and evaluate on our proposal, Grille tech engineers found that our proposal fulfil their testing standards especially for the salt spray Cyclic Test as well as with reasonable price. They send MERIDIAN’s proposal to their customer, BOSCH to review.

BOSCH and Grille Tech were satisfied with MERIDIAN salt spray Cyclic Test machine in term of advanced design & technology with good features, more testing functionality, well planned structure materials and reliable components used. They made decision to purchase MERIDIAN system.

MERIDIAN provides practical training, and also provides support packages include machine operation video. This would enable their team to start using the controller effectively and reduce the learning time.The performance of MERIDIAN system meet customer salt spray cyclic test requirement. The purchase allows them to perform a much wider range of tests in the future. The engineer has shared and was pleased with our design on the electrical cabinet which focuses on safety aspect. In MERIDIAN electrical cabinet, the water pipe way was separated from electronics components. This is to ensure no hazard of water leakage to the electronic parts. While for their old machine, there was water leakage in electrical parts due to poor design. MERIDIAN not only stresses on the quality performance of machine, but also focuses on user’s safety aspect when designing the machine.

28 Dec 2023